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@lachlanjc’s coursework at NYU, majoring in Interactive Media Arts.

Spring 2024

  1. May 9Cities & CitizenshipThe Crucible of Oil in GeorgetownCities & Citizenship
  2. May 7Immersive ExperiencesNYC Immersive Time MachineImmersive Experiences
  3. May 7Shared MindsSpatial Semantic Twitter SearchShared Minds
  4. Apr 30Food & Nature in CitiesCity UnseenFood & Nature in Cities
  5. Apr 23Food & Nature in CitiesHeat WaveFood & Nature in Cities
  6. Apr 17Immersive ExperiencesStarting with React Three FiberImmersive Experiences
  7. Apr 16Food & Nature in CitiesState of ImmunityFood & Nature in Cities
  8. Apr 10Shared MindsSpelunking WebXRShared Minds
  9. Apr 9Food & Nature in CitiesPure & Modern MilkFood & Nature in Cities
  10. Apr 9Immersive ExperiencesAR vs VR for ArtImmersive Experiences
  11. Apr 7Cities & CitizenshipNew Frontiers in Global South UrbanismCities & Citizenship
  12. Apr 3Shared MindsWeek 9 Search CanvasShared Minds
  13. Mar 27Immersive ExperiencesRigging an AvatarImmersive Experiences
  14. Mar 27Shared MindsWeek 8 SearchShared Minds
  15. Mar 27Shared MindsThe Anxious GenerationShared Minds
  16. Mar 26Food & Nature in CitiesFreedom FarmersFood & Nature in Cities
  17. Mar 20Immersive ExperiencesAccessible Immersive ExperiencesImmersive Experiences
  18. Mar 13Immersive ExperiencesMidterm ProjectImmersive Experiences
  19. Mar 13Immersive ExperiencesEmpathy in Virtual RealityImmersive Experiences
  20. Mar 13Shared MindsWeek 7 ImplicitShared Minds
  21. Mar 6Shared MindsWeek 6 DimensionsShared Minds
  22. Mar 5Food & Nature in CitiesPaper ProposalFood & Nature in Cities
  23. Mar 5Food & Nature in CitiesHow the Other Half AteFood & Nature in Cities
  24. Mar 4HapticsShareable Haptic ExperienceHaptics
  25. Mar 3Cities & CitizenshipTheorizing Global Urbanism & CitizenshipCities & Citizenship
  26. Feb 28Shared MindsWeek 5 SocialShared Minds
  27. Feb 26Immersive ExperiencesAwe in Immersive ExperiencesImmersive Experiences
  28. Feb 24HapticsHello Vibrating MotorsHaptics
  29. Feb 21Shared MindsWeek 4 ShareableShared Minds
  30. Feb 20Food & Nature in CitiesSeeing like a StateFood & Nature in Cities
  31. Feb 19Immersive ExperiencesEncounter DinosaursImmersive Experiences
  32. Feb 15Shared MindsWeek 3 DraggableShared Minds
  33. Feb 14Food & Nature in CitiesTaming ManhattanFood & Nature in Cities
  34. Feb 14Immersive ExperiencesDear Angelica & DrawingImmersive Experiences
  35. Feb 7Immersive Experiences360 VideoImmersive Experiences
  36. Feb 7Shared MindsWeek 2 SpatialShared Minds
  37. Jan 31Immersive ExperiencesLow Tech ImmersionImmersive Experiences
  38. Jan 31Shared MindsWeek 1 My MindShared Minds

Fall 2023

  1. Dec 11Architecture in BerlinHaus Der Kulturen Der WeltArchitecture in Berlin
  2. Nov 6Architecture in BerlinFloating UniversityArchitecture in Berlin
  3. Oct 2Architecture in BerlinChapel of ReconciliationArchitecture in Berlin

Spring 2023

  1. May 15Discard StudiesRemapping Our LandscapesDiscard Studies
  2. May 15History of US Environmental PolicyPolicy BriefHistory of US Environmental Policy
  3. May 4EnergySolar ProjectEnergy
  4. Apr 26Digital Audio FoundationsBunny Is a Rider AnalysisDigital Audio Foundations
  5. Apr 19EnergyMeasurement ProjectEnergy
  6. Apr 16History of US Environmental PolicyClimate ChangeHistory of US Environmental Policy
  7. Apr 12History of US Environmental PolicyPolicy Brief DraftHistory of US Environmental Policy
  8. Apr 9EnergySmil ReflectionEnergy
  9. Apr 2History of US Environmental PolicyFrackingHistory of US Environmental Policy
  10. Apr 2EnergyMeasurement Project GlossaryEnergy
  11. Mar 27EnergyMeasurement Project SourcesEnergy
  12. Mar 26History of US Environmental PolicyFisheriesHistory of US Environmental Policy
  13. Mar 26EnergyHyperobjectsEnergy
  14. Mar 22Discard StudiesClimate MuseumDiscard Studies
  15. Mar 22History of US Environmental PolicyResearch PaperHistory of US Environmental Policy
  16. Mar 22History of US Environmental PolicyLove CanalHistory of US Environmental Policy
  17. Mar 9EnergyKinetic Energy ProjectEnergy
  18. Mar 8History of US Environmental PolicyEndangered Species ActHistory of US Environmental Policy
  19. Mar 1History of US Environmental PolicyWater QualityHistory of US Environmental Policy
  20. Feb 27History of US Environmental PolicyResearch Paper NotesHistory of US Environmental Policy
  21. Feb 22History of US Environmental PolicyAcid RainHistory of US Environmental Policy
  22. Feb 21EnergyMeasurement Project TopicEnergy
  23. Feb 13History of US Environmental PolicyClean Air ActHistory of US Environmental Policy
  24. Feb 12Discard StudiesWeek 4 ReadingsDiscard Studies
  25. Feb 12EnergyKinetic Project SketchEnergy
  26. Feb 7History of US Environmental PolicyActorsHistory of US Environmental Policy
  27. Feb 1Discard StudiesWeek 3 ReadingsDiscard Studies
  28. Jan 31History of US Environmental PolicyResource SystemsHistory of US Environmental Policy
  29. Jan 30History of US Environmental PolicyResearch TopicsHistory of US Environmental Policy
  30. Jan 30History of US Environmental PolicyResearch Topic SelectionHistory of US Environmental Policy

Fall 2022

  1. Dec 16Print, Typography, & FormDigital Typography Final PaperPrint, Typography, & Form
  2. Dec 11FabricationFinal PortfolioFabrication
  3. Dec 10FabricationKinetic DioramaFabrication
  4. Dec 6Green WorldFinal ReflectionGreen World
  5. Dec 6Print, Typography, & FormNovember Notebook EntriesPrint, Typography, & Form
  6. Nov 29Physical ComputingFinal ProjectPhysical Computing
  7. Nov 27FabricationEnclosing a MagnetFabrication
  8. Nov 21Physical ComputingFinal Project IdeaPhysical Computing
  9. Nov 18FabricationLaser CuttingFabrication
  10. Nov 15Physical ComputingMotor Driver ExperimentationPhysical Computing
  11. Nov 13FabricationFive Identical BlockheadsFabrication
  12. Nov 8Green WorldMidterm Presentation ResponseGreen World
  13. Nov 6FabricationTurning On & OffFabrication
  14. Oct 31Physical ComputingPhysical Virtual ProjectPhysical Computing
  15. Oct 28Green WorldMidterm Project PresentationGreen World
  16. Oct 28Print, Typography, & FormSystem Fonts Midterm PaperPrint, Typography, & Form
  17. Oct 27Print, Typography, & FormOctober Notebook EntriesPrint, Typography, & Form
  18. Oct 26Physical ComputingPhysical Virtual ArtworkPhysical Computing
  19. Oct 17Information DesignFinal ProjectInformation Design
  20. Oct 16Green WorldRoad Monocropping as Environmental IssueGreen World
  21. Oct 13Physical ComputingEnvironmental Sensing on ArduinoPhysical Computing
  22. Oct 13Physical ComputingConnecting Arduino to P 5Physical Computing
  23. Oct 11Information DesignCharting BillionairesInformation Design
  24. Oct 6Green WorldThe Housing Shortage as Environmental IssueGreen World
  25. Oct 4Physical ComputingAll Technology Is AssistivePhysical Computing
  26. Oct 3Information DesignPhotographic Visualization ProjectInformation Design
  27. Sep 30Green WorldResearching an AssumptionGreen World
  28. Sep 28Physical ComputingInteractive Object ProjectPhysical Computing
  29. Sep 26Information DesignScrollytelling ProjectInformation Design
  30. Sep 25Physical ComputingServo MotorPhysical Computing
  31. Sep 23Green WorldBlue Sky DayGreen World
  32. Sep 21Information DesignHow Tides WorkInformation Design
  33. Sep 20Information DesignNew York Times VisualizationInformation Design
  34. Sep 20Physical ComputingTactile ControlsPhysical Computing
  35. Sep 20Print, Typography, & FormSeptember Notebook EntriesPrint, Typography, & Form
  36. Sep 19Physical ComputingArduino Input & OutputPhysical Computing
  37. Sep 13Green WorldPersonal Environmental IssueGreen World
  38. Sep 12Information DesignFlorence NightingaleInformation Design
  39. Sep 8Physical ComputingWearable Switch ProjectPhysical Computing
  40. Sep 8Print, Typography, & FormRepresentation in Type & DesignPrint, Typography, & Form
  41. Sep 7Information DesignClassmate Life VisualizationInformation Design
  42. Sep 7Physical ComputingGrandma at McdonaldsPhysical Computing
  43. Sep 1Physical ComputingRube Goldberg MachinePhysical Computing

Spring 2020

  1. Mar 2Big Ideas in TechWeek 6 AdaptationBig Ideas in Tech
  2. Feb 29Assistive TechWeek 5 ResponsesAssistive Tech
  3. Feb 29Assistive TechFinal ProjectAssistive Tech
  4. Feb 24Assistive TechWeek 4 ResponsesAssistive Tech
  5. Feb 24Big Ideas in TechWeek 5 ChangeBig Ideas in Tech
  6. Feb 23Big Ideas in TechWeek 4 CoastlinesBig Ideas in Tech
  7. Feb 17Assistive TechWeek 3 ResponsesAssistive Tech
  8. Feb 17Big Ideas in TechWeek 3 ConnectionsBig Ideas in Tech
  9. Feb 12Big Ideas in TechWeek 3 OptimismBig Ideas in Tech
  10. Feb 11Assistive TechWeek 2 ResponsesAssistive Tech
  11. Feb 9Big Ideas in TechWeek 2 Creative ProcessBig Ideas in Tech
  12. Feb 5Big Ideas in TechWeek 2 UtopiaBig Ideas in Tech
  13. Feb 1Assistive TechWeek 1 ResponsesAssistive Tech
  14. Feb 1Assistive TechDigital Accessibility OptionsAssistive Tech
  15. Jan 31Big Ideas in TechWeek 1 BiosBig Ideas in Tech

Fall 2019

  1. Feb 11Writing the EssaySufjan Stevens TimelineWriting the Essay
  2. Feb 4Writing the EssayWeek 2 ExercisesWriting the Essay
  3. Dec 18ObjectivityEssay 3Objectivity
  4. Dec 2Communication LabFinal ProjectCommunication Lab
  5. Nov 26Creative ComputingFinal ProjectCreative Computing
  6. Nov 25Communication LabAR ExplorationCommunication Lab
  7. Nov 21Creative ComputingFinal Project Check InCreative Computing
  8. Nov 17Creative ComputingWeek 12 ProjectCreative Computing
  9. Nov 17Creative ComputingWeek 12 PostCreative Computing
  10. Nov 15Communication LabProjection ProjectCommunication Lab
  11. Nov 14Creative ComputingFinal Project ProposalCreative Computing
  12. Nov 10Creative ComputingWeek 10 ProjectCreative Computing
  13. Nov 10Creative ComputingWeek 10 PostCreative Computing
  14. Nov 9ObjectivityEssay 2Objectivity
  15. Nov 4Creative ComputingWeek 9 ProjectCreative Computing
  16. Nov 4Creative ComputingWeek 9 PostCreative Computing
  17. Nov 1Creative ComputingMidterm ProjectCreative Computing
  18. Oct 30Communication LabMidterm Animation ProjectCommunication Lab
  19. Oct 20Creative ComputingWeek 7 ProjectCreative Computing
  20. Oct 13Creative ComputingWeek 6 ProjectCreative Computing
  21. Oct 13Creative ComputingWeek 6 PostCreative Computing
  22. Oct 9Communication LabAnimation StyleCommunication Lab
  23. Oct 6Creative ComputingWeek 5 PostCreative Computing
  24. Oct 4Creative ComputingWeek 5 ProjectCreative Computing
  25. Sep 30Creative ComputingWeek 4 PostCreative Computing
  26. Sep 30Communication LabBlink of an EyeCommunication Lab
  27. Sep 29Creative ComputingWeek 4 ProjectCreative Computing
  28. Sep 29ObjectivityEssay 1Objectivity
  29. Sep 26Creative ComputingSelf PortraitCreative Computing
  30. Sep 24Creative ComputingWeek 3 ProjectCreative Computing
  31. Sep 24Creative ComputingWeek 3 PostCreative Computing
  32. Sep 23Communication LabSound StorytellingCommunication Lab
  33. Sep 23Writing the EssayPortfolio 3Writing the Essay
  34. Sep 17Creative ComputingWeek 2 ProjectCreative Computing
  35. Sep 17Creative ComputingWeek 2 PostCreative Computing
  36. Sep 16Writing the EssayPortfolio 2Writing the Essay
  37. Sep 15Communication LabScott Mccloud & Digital StorytellingCommunication Lab
  38. Sep 12Creative ComputingIntro to DSLRCreative Computing
  39. Sep 11Communication Lab12 Photo StoryCommunication Lab
  40. Sep 9Communication LabWeek 1 Single StoriesCommunication Lab
  41. Sep 7Creative ComputingSwitch ProjectCreative Computing
  42. Sep 5Communication LabWeek 1 Group ProjectCommunication Lab
  43. Sep 4Creative ComputingWeek 1 PostCreative Computing